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Hand Knitting

We manufacture a large range of yarns for many hand knitting brands, both in the UK and worldwide, such as Designer Yarn, Baa Ram Ewe, Erika Knight and Fleece Artist to name but a few. We use predominantly natural fibres such as wool, kid mohair, silk, cashmere and alpaca and can spin from lace weight all the way down as heavy as super chunky.

We have recently manufactured yarns spun from British wool, such as Bluefaced Leicester, Wensleydale, Jacob and Masham to give genuine 100% British product. We also use Falkland, German, Norwegian, South American, Australian and New Zealand wools.

Not only can we produce yarn in 50g and 100g balls and hanks, packed ready for retail shelves we also supply undyed yarn in hanks of various sizes, from 500g to 100g ready for dyeing, either commercially in large dye vats or by hand.

Machine Knitting

We are constantly adding to our range of yarns suitable for machine knitting and are working closely with a number of retailers to establish product incorporating British yarns, both for catwalk and high street fashion.

With our yarns being made from predominantly natural fibres we work closely with the knitter to achieve as good a handle as possible, this often involves using finer wools such as Australian Merino and other finer natural fibres such as Kid Mohair or Baby Alpaca.

We have recently launched a brand new, stock backed, machine knitting yarn produced from 100% British Wool. We have selected specific wool breeds to create a superior feel to the knitted fabric. We have named the yarn Sheepsoft, please contact us for more details.

Woven Apparel

Many of our fancy yarns, as well as our worsted yarns, are woven into fabrics for design labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Jigsaw, Samuel Tweed, Paul Smith and Hobbs.

We develop yarns for specific projects in conjunction with weavers for leading design houses throughout the world.

We are also making 100% genuine British worsted fabrics, incorporating British wool, British spun yarn, British weaving and finishing for both menswear and ladieswear.

Having control again of the yarn manufacture enables us to tailor twist levels to the weaver’s exact requirements, increasing weaving efficiency and reducing overall fabric costs.

Woven Upholstery

With our extensive experience we are able to manufacture yarns with the required performance levels for contract and domestic furnishing fabrics. Most incorporate natural fibres as wool has excellent properties suitable for these end uses.

The fabrics can be found on ferries to high street banks, theatres to airports, and offices to hotels.

Both our fancy and worsted spun yarns have been successfully combined, mimicking the fashion market, to create furnishing fabrics that not only meet the high standards of performance required for contract upholstery but also give unique visual effects on the surface of the fabrics. 

Worsted Carpet Tufting and Rug Making

We have designed yarns specifically for the use in carpet tufting for exclusive ranges incorporating wool/silk blends and pure new wool. Our yarns have been used to manufacture carpets suitable aircraft to carpets suitable for home use.

Rug makers have also used our yarns to achieve unusual effects.


Our yarns have also found their way into many unusual markets such as teddy bear fabric, military braiding, air gun dart tails, sound absorbing panels, wall art, Christmas decorations, anti static products, hair scrunchies, church kneelers, and prayer shawls.

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