Frequently Asked Questions About By the Box.

Here at Laxtons, we are always happy to hear from our customers and answer any questions they might have about our products and services. In this blog we are going to tackle some frequently asked questions about By The Box such as what yarns available and what levels of customisation are possible.

Your Questions, Answered

What is By The Box?

By The Box is a service that we provide at Laxtons which enables customers to purchase short run, bespoke yarn in quantities as low as 30kg. This service is ideal for the fashion and upholstery industry, as it allows you to choose the quantity of a yarn that suits your needs perfectly, whilst limiting the environmental impact of high quantities of waste, without compromising on quality.

Which yarns are available in By The Box?

We have twenty-six yarns currently in our collection. These yarns are designed to cover maximum variations of compositions, textures, and price to fulfil as many business solutions as needed.

What is the minimum and maximum quantity available to order for By The Box?

By The Box yarns can be ordered in quantities as little as 30kg and has no real maximum quantity. This is an economical way to order short runs of yarn, but we recommend that for a larger run, you look at our wider range of yarn products. Here you will get even more variation, colour choices, and price options. We offer a range for every usage, including, hand knitting yarns, undyed yarns, machine knitting yarns and more.

What are our lead times?

We understand how frustrating it is for a business to spend hours looking for the perfect yarn and go to place an order, only to find out it will take months to get it delivered to your manufacturer. That’s why we ensure lead times are as little as just a few weeks.

Can I get a sample before I order?

Of course. If you would like to look at the yarns available to you before placing an order, click on the yarn you wish to sample and make an enquiry. Our team are more than happy to help however we can, in your decision making and buying process.

To arrange for a sample, call +44(0)1943 877123 or email to get in touch with Emma Kulesza-Brosnan from Sales and Marketing and she can arrange this for you.

Who should I talk to if I have any more questions about By The Box?

Visit our contact page if you have any more questions about By The Box and our expert team will be waiting on hand to offer you further advice or support in your search.