Yarns for Woven Upholstery.

Our extensive experience and state-of-the-art facilities mean we can create a wide variety of dyed and undyed yarns for use across a diverse range of woven upholstery fabrics.

Designed and made to last. Style and substance unite.

The yarns we supply to the woven upholstery industry and the fabrics our customers create can be found on ferries to high street banks, theatres to airports, and offices to hotels.

Both our fancy and worsted spun yarns have been successfully combined, mimicking the fashion market, to create furnishing fabrics that not only meet the high standards of performance required for contract upholstery but also give unique visual effects on the surface of the fabrics.

Our thorough and deep understanding of the manufacturing and production processes enable the Laxton team to deliver the level of service and product knowledge required for simple and complex projects alike. With such a diverse base of knowledge we are perfectly positioned to provide innovative solutions whenever the need arises.

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