Specialist Yarns.

As experts in our field the team at Laxtons are always willing to explore all available avenues in order to not only find a solution but to actually solve the problem at hand. We have consistently developed yarns with a focus on performance, durability, sustainability, provenance, appearance, handle and touch, colour, fibre content and origin. The list is almost endless and the results have been exceptional.

Specialist knowledge. Specialist yarns.

Working closely with our customers we have regularly ventured in the realms of unusual end uses, not just yarns for weaving and knitwear. Projects have seen us look at yarns for carpets and rugs, ropes and twine, air gun darts, church kneelers, braid, wall art, soundproof panelling, and many more unusual niche markets.

Our consultative approach when working with our customers means that we always set out to establish excellent lines of communication and a deep understanding of the needs and requirements they have. This in turn helps us to unearth a way to make it work no matter the challenge presented. Whether adopting the role of project lead or as the efficient supporting partner our goal is to adapt as is required and to deliver above and beyond expectations

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