By the Box.

By the Box enables our customers to purchase short run, bespoke yarns in smaller quantities – perfect for weaving in fashion or upholstery.

By purchasing in small quantities, it allows you to be flexible and choose the quality and convenience to suit you. It allows for less impact on the environment through less wastage and we’re striving to make high-quality options available to everyone we can.  

High quality, low quantity.

With minimum order weights from as little as 30kg and lead times from just a few weeks, By the Box addresses the needs of our customers.

Not only does it offer greater flexibility and practicality, By the Box brings creativity and imagination to yarn design.

By ensuring to keep our costs as low as we can, our aim is to make high-quality yarn accessible to a variety of different markets, while also maintaining and striving to improve the sustainability and financial considerations.

With By the Box, over-ordering of large quantity yarn can be a thing of the past. You can order the quantity you need, to a bespoke quality and in a timely fashion.