Ruskin London

Introducing Ruskin London, a niche brand that is happy to promote a slower pace and the finer things in life.

Taking time to work with natural sheep breeds, handcrafted artisans and suppliers with an eye for detail and passion for their craft, we are pleased that Ruskin and Laxtons have formed a great partnership that recognises these important principles.

The Ruskin Story

Ruskin designs clothing based on human connections with the finer details of handcrafted work and the natural nuances and texture of materials that engage our senses. 

They believe that all human senses should be considered when it comes to wool – and are looking to help restore the delicate sensitivity that has been lost in modern life.

They work closely with traditional worsted weavers and manufacturers like ourselves in Yorkshire, and artisans in Italy who share the same appreciation for material and texture – as well as having the same respect for nature’s resources as Ruskin.

Alli, who designs each RUSKIN, grew up in the English Lake District and created RUSKIN when she was in London. More recently she moved to Oxford where she now lives with her husband and two children.

She aims to deliver sophisticated, versatile designs with no compromise when it comes to quality, style and sustainability. And it is her belief that to do this, things need to be done slowly and patiently.

She also aims to respect the limitations of the environment and at the same time develop the kind of exquisite, crafted design that engages the senses and reconnects us with our world. 

This makes Ruskin the perfect partner for Laxtons.