Organic DK

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  • Unit of Sale: 5 x 100gm hanks
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Organic DK
Pure, Ethical, and Perfect for Hand Dyers

Discover the purity and exceptional quality of our Organic DK, crafted from 100% organic Merino wool. An eco-friendly yarn, GOTS certified and spun in the UK, making it the perfect choice for hand dyers and crafters who prioritise sustainability and superior performance.

Key Features: 100% Organic Wool: Our organic DK yarn is made from premium 100% organic merino wool which is non-chlorinated, anti- shrink, adhering to TM31 standards. This ensures a soft, smooth and durable yarn that is gentle on the skin and perfect for a variety of projects.

GOTS Certified: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification guarantees that our yarn is environmentally friendly and produced under strict ethical standards. This certification covers the entire supply chain, from farming to finished product.

Brilliant White Base: The yarn’s brilliant white base is superior to conventional treatments, providing a pristine canvas that takes dye beautifully, resulting in vibrant and consistent colours for all your hand-dyed creations.

Fully Traceable Production: Every step of the production process is fully traceable, ensuring transparency and integrity. From farm to finished product, you can trust in the ethical sourcing and sustainable practices behind our yarn.

Spun in the UK: Proudly spun in the UK, this yarn supports local industries and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with transportation, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscientious crafters.

Machine Washable

Organic DK Yarn embodies the perfect blend of purity and superior quality. Crafted from 100% organic Merino wool and certified by GOTS, this yarn ensures that your projects are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and ethically produced. The brilliant white base offers a pristine canvas for hand dyeing, allowing your creativity to shine through vibrant and consistent colours.

Yarn Details
Composition100% Organic Wool
Yarn Style
Hand Knitting RangeDK
Suggested End UsesHand Dyeing Hand Knitting
Package Details
Hank Weight100gm
Metres / HankApprox 230/100gm
Sales Unit
Hank5 x 100gm hanks per pack