Reclaimed Yarn 4 Ply

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  • Unit of Sale: 5 x 100gm hanks
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Reclaimed Yarn 4 Ply
Sustainable, High Quality and Perfect for Hand Dyers

Introducing our Reclaimed 4 Ply, a unique blend of sustainability and quality. At the Undyed Shop, we are dedicated to offering environmentally conscious products without compromising on excellence, and our Reclaimed 4 Ply yarn is a testament to that commitment.

Choosing our Reclaimed 4 Ply Yarn means supporting a sustainable future while enjoying a premium quality yarn. Each skein is testament to innovative recycling processes that breathe new life into fibres, transforming them into something extraordinary – transform waste into beauty and craft with a conscience.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly and sustainable: Made from carefully reclaimed fibres, this yarn embodies our dedication to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices in the textile industry.

Perfect for Hand Dyeing: Specially designed to take on dyes beautifully, our Reclaimed Yarn 4 Ply is an ideal canvas for your creative dyeing projects. Whether you’re experimenting with natural dyes or vibrant, synthetic hues, this yarn with showcase your artistry.

Luxuriously soft and durable: Despite being reclaimed, our yarn retains a luxurious softness and robust durability, making it perfect for a wide range of hand knitted and crocheted items.

Versatile 4 Ply Weight: Suitable for intricate patterns and fine detailing, our 4 Ply yarn is perfect for socks, shawls, lightweight garments and delicate accessories.

Non-Superwash – Hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry.

This 4 ply yarn is created using a blend of Corriedale and Laxtons own reclaimed natural fibre. We have spent 12 months finding a way to reclaim and reprocess the loose fibre waste created during our worsted spinning  into a form that can be reused.

At Laxtons, our mission is to improve our practise in manufacturing and reduce the waste in the mill. By repurposing our natural waste fibre we have made a huge step into eliminating waste all together.


Yarn Details
Count2/9 Nm
Composition50% Corriedale, 49% Reclaimed Natural Fibre, 1% other
Yarn Style
Hand Knitting Range4 Ply
Suggested End UsesHand Dyeing Hand Knitting
Package Details
Hank Weight100gm
Metres / HankApprox 450/100gm
Sales Unit
Hank5 x 100gm hanks per pack